Believer of design's power to reshape paradigms through positive change. 
My name is Zara and I like to think Mother Earth is giving us a wake up call -slash- chance to fix this mess up before its too late. I also prefer veggies, cruelty-free goods, and I'm here to solve problems using the two things that make my heart beat the most: Sustainability & Visual Communication 
With a background in Fashion and Graphic Design, today I consider myself as a purpose-driven designer, who's really passionate about upcycling & design thinking approaches to problem-solving. I look forward to take part in meaningful collaborations with like-minded people, helping them to bring joy, answers and fair opportunities for communities all around the world.
So, what do you think? We could chat in either Spanish, English or French, and I'm based in Brussels (BE) but I can easily share a remote cup of tea too.
🌱 🌎 🌿
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